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A world of magical wishes, nonsensical science, and painfully long open mic nights that stretch on into eternity. In Chronsylvania, the laws of time are a bit more relaxed than in most worlds, a bit more fluid. And if you're not careful, you just might find yourself walking side-by-side with creatures who lived thousands of years ago or catch a glimpse of the future in an ancient tapestry.    

But be warned: if you're anything like Langston Jackson, you might end up doing something much worse.  You might accidentally fracture the foundational nature of time itself.

If you're a decent person, if you have an honest bone in your body, you might even feel obligated to fix the cataclysmic mess you've made.

But then again, if you're anything like Langston Jackson, maybe not. 

Click the links above to experience the story (Updates every Wednesday), and check out the bar below to find us on your favorite webcomic platforms.

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