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Johnny Caputo

Johnny Caputo is a pirate but only part time. He spends the rest of his time teaching, reading comic books, and writing. In addition to writing The Ballad of Lumber Jackson, his work has been published in The Pea River Journal (the name is exactly as funny as it sounds), Dually Noted, F(r)Online, Allegory, and the collaborative novels Eslyd’s Awakening and Army of Brass.  To read more, check out or follow him on Twitter and Instagram @gojohnnycap. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio where there is plenty of loot to be plundered and grog to be drunk. 

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Jake Gerard

Jake is not a pirate, full time. A glutton for punishment, Lumber Jackson is one of many projects Jake is currently working on including: A webcomic, Let's Play Youtube channel, the BEYOND comic series, a graphic novel and working full time as a graphic designer for a trophy company. The little time Jake spends not drawing is dedicated to playing soccer, playing videogames, and watching anime! Jake's style is inspired by classic cartoons and other various animated works, including any and all Miyazaki films. To see more of Jake's work you can head to to see what this goober is up to!

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