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Main Cast

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Crash is eagerly trusting of just about anyone they meet. Even in the most perilous situations, Crash often remains joyfully oblivious to the threats surrounding them. When they are truly threatened, they radiate a strange and powerful aura of rainbow light. Langston, whose scientific knowledge is downright encyclopedic, has never seen nor heard of anything quite like it. 


Crash doesn’t know much of anything about where they come from, what they are, or anything else about the world for that matter. The only things they do know are that they are a “we” and that they desperately need to get back home to the Tree of Time, whatever that is. Why is that so important to them? Well, getting back there is the only way they can be with the rest of themself. Whatever that means. 

Langston is fiercely curious. If he doesn’t know how something works, he will after about ten seconds of intense inspection with his self-designed Heads-Up Goggles (HUGs). Langston assumes he’s the smartest person in any room he walks into (and in fact, he often is). Still, all that confidence in his intelligence can lead him to manipulate people, even those who trust him the most. 


He doesn’t particularly care whether his adventures with Law involve protecting villagers from ravaging bandits or stealing the young out from under the noses of innocent creatures. As long as the adventures continue, Langston will be just fine. The only problem is, with Law moving away to Adventurer’s College, they’re about to come to an end real fast. Unless, of course, Langston brainstorms a way to do something about that.

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Law knows he’ll find a good use for his adventuring skills someday, ideally one that helps the poor innocent creatures of the world. For now, Law simply has a sincere desire to sharpen his abilities, and that means getting to Adventurer’s College as fast as he can.  His weapons of choice are the taser machete Langston built for him a few years back, and his seemingly ceaseless charm. Erm, at least he thinks he’s charming, a suave and debonair casanova, a real ladies’ man. The key word here is “thinks.” 


Despite his dashing roguish appearance, Law has a big ol’ soft spot for cute little animals. Put him near a puppy and he melts into a useless puddle of goo-goos and gah-gahs. He is also an avid collector of paintings of ducks.

Vox is never sarcastic. Nope, not ever. She’s always fully invested in the people around her. Yup. She really, truly, and deeply cares about all of the super important stuff going on in these losers’ lives. Vox believes that people need to stop putting so much stock in the expectations of others. Every person should have their own independent mind and do what they think is right, regardless of what other people or the institutions that govern them, have to say. 


As a Vulpyre who can spout flames from her hands, Vox doesn’t have much reason to be afraid of anything. But every now and then, the runic markings on Vox’s ancestral bone dice cause her to be gripped with a paralyzing fear.   

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