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Icyclopes 2 490x490.png

To the untrained eye, an Icyclops appears to be a slender, long-limbed humanoid made entirely of ice. In the center of their face rests a large, almost foggy eye, encased in ice. But while Icyclopes may look like walking icicles, they are in fact, consciousnesses made of gas that have no natural solid form.

An Icyclops’s foggy eye is not an eye at all. In fact, it is the entirety of the Icyclops’s gaseous self encased in a protective formation of ice. Icyclopes have evolved to coalesce frozen water vapor into icy bodies, like a set of advanced prosthetics that allow them to survive in the rugged, frigid conditions of the Menacing Mountains. After all, it’s pretty tough to make breakfast when you’re made out of gas.

These icy formations can become quite complex, and many Icyclopes spend their leisure time designing intricate crystalline adornments to add to their bodies. They even occasionally hold competitions to see who can design and create the most complex crystals.

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