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Syverna is one of the Seven Serpentine Sentries of the Moebi River, an ancient conclave of giant river snakes sworn to protect the river that unites all regions of Chronsylvania. The Sentries patrol the river in a highly coordinated cycle that takes seven years to complete. At the end of each of these cycles, the Sentries meet in Aeon Lake for seven days of relaxing, storytelling, and feasting before the next seven year cycle begins. Clearly, they’re kind of obsessed with the number seven.

As a Sentry, Syverna is a vigilant guardian who constantly assesses and addresses any and all threats. She’s pretty darn good at her job too. If the sight of a giant river snake doesn’t send would-be attackers running, a crackling bolt of electricity from Syverna’s crystal horns certainly will.

Syverna spends a lot of time listening to the song of the Moebi River which has recently inspired her to begin writing her own music and lyrics. She hasn’t shown her music to anyone and is worried that any criticism will shatter her fledgling sense of identity as an artist. She responds to the merest whiff of criticism with overt aggression.

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