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The Balladeer
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No one wants to listen to the Balladeer’s stories, so he’ll take whatever audience he can get. He claims to be a member of the mythical Guild of Time Management, a supposed group of prophets, warriors, caretakers, and witches tasked with protecting the Tree of Time (which, by the way, is also the stuff of kids’ stories). Whether or not this claim is true (or whether the GTM actually exists) remains to be seen. Still, the Balladeer is able to manipulate time at least on some level. His guitar seems to play a role in this ability.

Despite his lack of popularity, he emanates an aura of unadulterated, almost mystical levels of coolness. Well, that’s how he sees it anyway. Other people’s opinions might differ, but that doesn’t interest the Balladeer. The only thing he’s interested in is telling “ancient sagas” to barely-willing audiences. Wonder why that’s so important to him?

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