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It's Always about Time

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Well, here we are, ladies and gentlemen, on the cusp of a monumental moment in the history of #time. Because on Thursday Oct. 4, 2018, time itself will stop, completely and fully, for a little while anyway. But how, you may ask, can a force of nature as powerful as time simply come to a stop? How can anyone, let alone a strange, hoodie-wearing deer who no one's ever heard of before, predict such a ludicrous yet potentially catastrophic event?

If you take a gander at the following article from @gdnlongread, you'll see that time itself is not only a very real property of our physical universe (Space-Time Continuum, anyone?), it is also an element that can be manipulated.

Click the link:

And throughout history, time has changed significantly. It has sped up; it has slowed down; time has re-written the histories of entire civilizations alongside humans' ever-evolving understanding of it.

Is time cyclical, perpetually repeating itself in predictable patterns? Is it linear, building from its opening scenes to some climactic, terrible, and long-foretold of ending? Is it a slippery quicksilver, constantly changing in unpredictable fits and jumps based upon our relative speeds and movements?

Or maybe, just maybe, that crazy deer is onto something. Maybe, even if we can't fully control the flow of time, we can manage it in some way.

Like the article says, there are at least two forces that can give humans the ability to control time: "Wisdom and truth are timeless, and we do not need to go forward to learn, only to hold on to what we already have." But I think our fearless narrator, the mysterious time-manager known as The Balladeer, would add a third: A well-told story.

Welcome, crew, to The Ballad.

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