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Science Sunday: Ancient Horrors

The world of Chronsylvania is full of strange phenomena, much like our own world. Every Sunday we'll highlight an article that explores the strange, and very real, scientific properties of our universe. We'll also leave you with a writing/drawing prompt based on the article to get your creative juices flowing.

Just in time for Halloween, this week’s article from @CNN describes a horrifying secret from humanity’s ancient past. Check out the article at the link below:

Ancient human bones found in this cave in Poland reveal a horrifying reality from huamnity's past.

The article describes an ancient set of human bones, the oldest human remains ever discovered, believed to be nearly 115,000 years old. The bones, which archaeologists have determined came from the fingers of a 5 to 7 year old child, were covered in strange, porous markings. Upon further study, researchers learned the horrifying cause of these markings: the bones were scarred when they passed through the digestive tract of a large, prehistoric bird.

The scientists could not determine whether the human child was attacked and eaten by the bird, or whether the bird scavenged the child’s remains after the child died.

The macabre story of these bones reveals the ghastly nature of life in the prehistoric world: A world full of threats and danger behind every shadow. A world of humans huddling in darkened forests, hiding from gigantic birds and countless other haunting, unthinkable beasts. A world of people living in constant and unimaginable fear as they trod the very same ground we walk today.

A world that would be entirely unimaginable to us if not for a single story revealed by a small detail on the most ancient of bones buried deep within the earth.

Creative Prompt: Small details, like the porous markings on these bones, often reveal the most intriguing and horrifying stories because they hide the deepest secrets.

Select an object. It could be an object that is familiar to you or simply one that you see sitting in the room with you.

For five minutes, write a description or draw a sketch of this object that includes as much detail as possible. Pay attention to even the smallest of details and include them in your piece. Don’t leave anything out.

Once your five minutes are up, read over your description or review your drawing for all of the specific details you’ve included. Then pick one of these details from your piece and brainstorm any possibilities of what secret, hidden information this detail might reveal. Let your ideas go wild here, completely unbounded by reality.

Now, write or draw a second piece that explores a hidden and horrific story that this detail reveals. What otherwordly force dented that spoon? What hidden monstrosity created that scratch on the couch? What demonic spirit gave that teapot it’s strange, rusty smell?

Share your writing and art with us on Twitter and Instagram @lumberjacksonco or you can email us directly at We’d love to broadcast your writing and art to the world via our website and social media channels. If you want us to publish your work, please include a brief message that reads, “Okay to publish.”

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Thanks for reading, and we'll see you next Wednesday with a brand new page.

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