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Science Sunday: Brain-to-Brain Communication

The world of Chronsylvania is full of strange phenomena, much like our own world. Every Sunday we'll highlight an article that explores the strange, and very real, scientific properties of our universe. We'll also leave you with a writing/drawing prompt based on the article to get your creative juices flowing.

This week's article from the illustrious @SmithsonianMag, can be found at the following link: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/why-brain-brain-communication-no-longer-unthinkable-180954948/

As the title of the article suggests, brain-to-brain communication AKA telepathy AKA The Vulcan Mind Meld AKA "Get out of my head!" no longer belongs solely to the realm of science fiction and fantasy. No, researchers at the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering of the University of Washington have successfully transferred electrical impulses from a human brain to external electronics, including another human brain.

So what does this mean? Will we soon have to shield our very thoughts from prying, nefarious, authoritarian minds? Or will this innovation lead to a glorious human re-birth of empathy and kindness and puppies and love and more puppies?

All irresponsible and reckless speculation aside, this breakthrough reveals just how much we have to learn about the Next Frontier: The Human Brain.

Notice we're talking about "The Next Frontier" not "The Final Frontier." Because we live in a universe that is full of possibilities: from the macroscopic wonder of collapsing nebulae to the infinitesimally strange potentialities of subatomic particles. And as long as people exist to further explore our universe, no frontier will ever be final, least of all the one between our own ears.

Creative Prompt: Write or draw about a memory or thought you've had that you would love to share directly with another person via brain-to-brain communication. How might this other person react to experiencing this memory alongside you? How might you feel after sharing this memory?

Then, write or draw about a memory or thought you've had that you would NEVER want to share with another person via brain-to-brain communication. If this memory somehow got out, how would you feel? How might other people react?

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